Welcome to KninjaBot, version 1.0!

Thanks for choosing the KninjaBot IRC robot! KninjaBot is a highly modular and extensible robot, and can be custom configured to your liking.

First, there are some prerequisites to running KninjaBot:

  1. A computer. (Preferably one that's working)
  2. An internet connection. (This should be working as well)
  3. At least one IRC channel you can put this robot on.
  4. Python 2.3 or later.

Quick start directions for operating systems that use a bash shell (including, but not limited to: Mac OS X, most Linuxes, and Cygwin)

  1. Open a terminal emulator (Terminal.app, gnome-terminal, xterm, etc)
  2. 'cd' to the Kninja directory (ex. cd /home/user/kninja/)
  3. Run ./Config.sh and follow the directions.
  4. Now run ./kninja start
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!

Quick (but slower) start direction for Windows operating systems

  1. Open 'cmd.exe' or, if you're running a decrepit OS like Windows 98, 'command.com'
  2. 'cd' to the Kninja directory (ex. cd C:\Documents and Settings\User\Kninja\
  3. Run 'python configure.py -a <server> -c <channels> -n <nick>'
  4. For more configuration options, run 'python configure.py'
  5. Run 'python configure.py -P add -u <user>:<password>:10'
  6. Run 'python kninja.py'

Congratulations! You have successfully set up KninjaBot... Only if you followed the directions. :). Enjoy!

Feel free to report bugs, comments, or feature requests to kman at: kman (at) kman.me.uk.

Thanks for choosing KninjaBot!